Past Events of the Society

“A Tour of 6 Catholic Churches in Downtown Cincinnati and Covington” by Walter E. Langsam and Stewart S. Maxwell

“Tiffany’s Dragons: The Viking Revival in American Art” by Dr. Graham Boettcher

“Newark’s East Coast Connection: New Settlement in the Northwest Territory”
by Stewart S. Maxwell

“‘Keep it the Home of Washington!”: The Ongoing Restoration of George Washington’s
Mount Vernon” by Adam Erby

“A Festive Holiday Party at the Frederick Geier Mansion in East Walnut Hills”
by Stewart S. Maxwell

“Architecture & Design at the Nation’s First Library” by Dr. Benedict Leca

“Tour of 6 Outstanding Cincinnati Protestant Churches”
by Walter E. Langsam, Tim Kraus, and Stewart S. Maxwell

“A Vision of Place” by William P. Curtis of Curtis & Windham Architects of Houston

“Tour of West Liberty, Bellefontaine & Sidney, Ohio” by Stewart S. Maxwell

“The American Weigh: Chicago Art Deco Penny Scales” 
by Dr. Ruth K. Meyer, former Director of The Taft Museum of Art

“A Festive Holiday Party at the Frank Enger Mansion of North Avondale”
by Stewart S. Maxwell

“The Peggy and David Rockefeller Collection & Auction”
by Steven J. Zick, Senior Vice President of Christie’s

“Art Nouveau – What’s in a Name?” by Dr. Martin Eidelberg

“Tour of New Haven, Ohio to visit the White Water Shaker Settlement” by Stewart S. Maxwell

“The Longworth Family of Newark, NJ and Cincinnati, OH: The Founding of 2 Art Museums in Both Cities” by Ulysses Grant Dietz, Acting Director and Chief Curator of the Newark Museum as well as descendant of the President

“Tour of the Dinsmore Homestead: Five Generations of Antiquity Linking the Present to the Past” by Stewart S. Maxwell

“Cézanne: Of Apples and Things” by Dr. Benedict Leca

“Tour of Troy, Ohio: Frontier Opportunity Merging with the Legends of Homer” 
by Stewart S. Maxwell

“What’s Hot and What’s Not: Collecting Decorative Arts in a Down Market” 
by Robert Cheney

“A Festive Holiday Party at the Rauh / Flaherty House” by Stewart S. Maxwell

“A Revolution in Craftsmanship: Fate, Fashion, and Furniture in the War for Independence” 
by Philip Zea

“Designs on Film: A Century of Set Decor” by Cathy Whitlock

“Tour of New Harmony, Indiana: Dreaming of Utopia Along the Wabash” 
by Stewart S. Maxwell

“Collecting American-Made: From a Tennessee Face Jug to a New York Coffeepot” 
by Sazanne Findlen Hood

“Rediscovering an American Master: The Life and Work of Robert Winthrop Chanler” 
by Lauren Drapala

“Tour of Midway and Versailles, Kentucky: Centered in the Heart of the Bluegrass” 
by Stewart S. Maxwell

“Decorated City: A History of Trade Signs” by Martin Treu

“The Gamble House of Pasadena, CA.  by Greene & Greene: Cincinnatians 
in the Golden State Define the Arts  & Crafts Movement” by Ted Bosley

“A Holiday Celebration at Wright’s Boswell Residence in Indian Hill”  by Stewart S. Maxwell

“Superfluity and Excess: Quaker Philadelphia Falls for Classical Splendor”
by Alexandra A. Kirtley

“Tour of Vincennes, Indiana: Capital of the Indiana Territory” by Stewart S. Maxwell

“Tale of 2 Cities: Domestic Bliss for the Ropes Family in Salem and Cincinnati” 
by Dr. Dean Lahikainen

“Saving Face: New England Portraiture  and the Social Economy of Memory” by Philip Zea

“Tour of Middletown, Ohio: An Operatic Tour de Force” by Stewart S. Maxwell

“Charles James: Beyond Fashion” by Homer Layne

“A Holiday Celebration at ‘Pinecroft:’ the Powel Crosley, Jr. Estate” by Stewart S. Maxwell

“The History of Chinese Export Porcelain in 10 Objects” by Ron Fuchs, II

“Not Just Makeup: Body Adornments Throughout History” by Dr. Margo DeMello

“Tour of Paris, Kentucky: Thoroughbred Capital of the World” by Stewart S. Maxwell

“Ireland: The Crossroads of Art and Design, 1690-1840” by Christopher Monkhouse

"Behind the Scenes, Beneath the Layers – Conservation of Southern Paintings"
by Shelley Svoboda

"Tour of Madison, Indiana: Classic Beauty Preserved for Posterity"
by Stewart S. Maxwell

"All Dressed Up, and No Place to Go" by Cary Carson

"A Holiday Celebration at One of the Castles on Lafayette: ‘Bishop’s Place’"
by Len and Jakki Haussler and Stewart S. Maxwell

"Fabergé, Tiffany, and Lalique" by Stephen Harrison

"Digital Fabrication: Realizing the Impossible, from Piranesi to Kapoor" by Ronald T. Labaco

"Tour of Winchester, Kentucky: Kentucky Bluegrass Traditions on Display"
by Stewart S. Maxwell

"Nathaniel Gould: NOT His Work" by Kemble Widmer

"'Bayou Bend,' 'Rienzi,' and Miss Ima Hogg" by Christine Gervais

"A Bus Trip to Greenville & Versailles, Ohio: Much History on Display for Galloping Connoisseurs" by Stewart S. Maxwell

"Establishing the French 18th-Century Decorative Arts Collection at the Metropolitan"
by Daniëlle Kisluk-Grosheide

"A Holiday Celebration at 'River High' in Hyde Park"
by Melody Sawyer Richardson and Stewart S. Maxwell

"Tiffany Favrile Pottery and the Quest of Beauty" by Martin Eidelberg

"Shining from Sea to Sea: American Silver from the 19th-Century to the Present"
by Elizabeth A. Williams

"A Bus Trip to Yellow Springs, Ohio: From Curative Waters to the Curious and Sublime"
by Stewart S. Maxwell

"Inventing the Modern World: Decorative Arts at the World's Fairs 1851-1939"
by Jason T. Busch

"Captured on Canvas: Salazar’s Portrait of Captain William Preston Smith"
by Barbara Ross Luck

"A Bus Trip to Columbus, Indiana: Modern Architecture’s Midwest Mecca"
by Stewart S. Maxwell

"American Adventures in the Southern Backcountry: Celebrating the Decorative Arts
of Rural America" by Daniel Kurt Ackermann

“A Holiday Celebration at Waite Smith-Barrett House in Indian Hill”
by Dr. and Mrs. James Swinehart and Stewart S. Maxwell

"The Herdeg Collection: 50 Years of Pleasurable Pursuits"
by Mr. and Mrs. John Herdeg

"From Platinum to Plastic: Collecting Jewelry for an Art Museum”
by Ulysses Grant Dietz

“A Bus Trip to Shelbyville, Kentucky: Bluegrass Gentility and Elegance on Display”
by Stewart S. Maxwell

“The Machine in the Garden: Nature and Technology in Art Deco Design”
by Dr. Graham C. Boettcher

"The Wrightsman Galleries for French Decorative Arts"
by Daniëlle Kisluk-Grosheide

"A Bus Trip to Columbus, Ohio: The Capital City and Its Collectors"
by Walter E. Langsam and Stewart S. Maxwell

"Gifts from the Gods: the Masterworks of Samuel McIntire"
by Dean Lahikainen

"A Holiday Celebration at 'Knowethwaite,' the Geier-Warner Estate
in Indian Hill" by Walter E. Langsam & Stewart S. Maxwell

"Asia in Amsterdam: Asian Luxury Goods in Art and Life During the
Dutch Golden Age" by Karina H. Corrigan

"Early American Collectors of Musical Instruments"
by J. Kenneth Moore

"A Bus Trip to Frankfort, Kentucky: Pioneers, Patricians, and Politicians"
by Walter E. Langsam and Stewart S. Maxwell

"American Silver with a French Accent" by Janine E. Skerry

The Influence of British Design on American Furniture"
by Philip Zea

"A Bus Tour of Indianapolis, Indiana: The Homes of a President, a Poet,
and Prominent Citizens" by Walter E. Langsam and Stewart S. Maxwell

"Private Place, Public Stage: Consideration of Self and Society in Furnishing
the Early American Home" by Elisabeth Garrett Widmer

"A Double Holiday Celebration at "Elmwood Hall," in Ludlow, Kentucky,
and "The Carneal House," in Covington, Kentucky" by

Patrick A. Snadon, Walter E. Langsam & Stewart S. Maxwell

"From Damask to Dimity: Furnishing Textiles in Presidential Homes" by Natalie Larsen

"Hey! Please Don't Sit on my Art!": A Conversation with Murray Moss & Cincinnati Art Museum Director, Aaron Betsky

"A Bus Tour of Maysville and Old Washington, Kentucky: A River City and a Pioneer
Town on the Limestone Trail" by Walter E. Langsam and Stewart S. Maxwell

"Art, Life and Ceramics on the Mississippi River, 1850-1861" by Jason Busch

"Colonial American Furniture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art"
by Nicholas C. Vincent

"A Bus Tour to Granville, Ohio, Home of Denison University"
by Walter E. Langsam and Stewart S. Maxwel

"MAD in the Blur Zone: Art, Craft, and Design Now" by David McFadden

"Worthy of Williamsburg: Ceramics and Glass at Abby Aldrich Rockefeller's
'Bassett Hall'" by Suzanne Findlen Hood

"A Holiday celebration at 'Oakwood,' the Probasco Castle in Clifton" by Walter E. Langsam

"Silversmiths to the Nation: Thomas Fletcher and Sidney Gardiner, 1808-1842"
by Donald L. Fennimore

"A Tour of Lexington, Kentucky: the Heart of the Bluegrass," by Walter E. Langsam
and Stewart S. Maxwell

"Early Kentucky Furniture & the Artistry of Inlaid Decoration" by Marianne P. Ramsey

"Shells for Inlaying Mahogany Furniture – Pictorial & Geometric Inlay in Urban Centers"
by Sumpter Priddy, III

"A Tour of 'Warwick,' A Bluegrass Folly in Mercer County, Kentucky"
by Walter E. Langsam and Stewart S. Maxwell

"Modernism in American Silver: 20th-Century Design" by Jewel Stern

"Creation of the Porcelain Room at the Seattle Art Museum" by Julie Emerson,
Curator of Decorative Arts

"A Holiday Reception at 'Winding Creek Farm,' The Former Julius Fleischmann
Estate in Indian Hill" by Walter E. Langsam

"The Pitfalls of Collecting the Patent Timepiece" by Robert C. Cheney

"A Tour of Historic Lebanon, Ohio, and Its Outstanding Houses"
by Walter E. Langsam and Stewart S. Maxwell

"The Newly Restored Galleries and Period Rooms in the American Wing
of the Metropolitan Museum of Art" by Peter M. Kenny

"Yin Yu Tang – a Chinese House” by Nancy Berliner, Curator of Chinese Art
at the Peabody-Essex Museum

"A Tour of Historic Houses and Neighborhoods in Louisville, Kentucky”
by Walter E. Langsam and Stewart S. Maxwell

"From Leather Seats to Damask Backs: Historic Upholstery in New England”
by Brock Jobe, professor of American Decorative Arts at Winterthur

"On the Playing Fields of Privilege: The Residential Designs of Delano & Aldrich”
by Derek E. Ostergard

"The Chinese Ceramic Collection of Henry Francis DuPont” by Ron W. Fuchs, II,
Associate Curator of Ceramics for the Leo & Doris Hodroff Collection at the
Winterthur Museum located in Delaware

"A Tour of Historic Houses in Dayton, Ohio” by Walter E. Langsam
and Stewart S. Maxwell

"MESDA’s Furniture Collection” by Johanna M. Brown, Curator
and Director of Collections for Old Salem Museums & Gardens

"Windsor-Chair Making in America” by Nancy Goyne Evans

"A Tour of Lafayette, Indiana” by Walter E. Langsam, Architectural Historian

"The Evolution of a New Style: The Silversmith’s Creative Journey” by Ubaldo Vitali

"Ceramics Up Close: When Bad Things Happen to Good Objects” by Janine Skerry

"A Tour of Springfield,Ohio” by Walter E. Langsam, Architectural Historian

"Silk Stocking Mats of the Grenfel Mission” by Paula Laverty

"Dressing Up and Dressing Down the House Year 'Round” by Elisabeth Garrett

"A Tour of Southeastern Indiana River Towns and Residences"
by Walter Langsam, Allan Cornelius & Stewart S. Maxwell

"Antique Lighting Devices" by Donald Fennimore

"Inventing the American House: the Domestic Architecture of Benjamin Henry Latrobe”
by Patrick Snadon

"Michael Graves: Modern Design for the Everyday” by Phil Patton

"Tour of the Restored C. Wesley Newkirk House in Cynthiana, Kentucky”
by C. Wesley Newkirk

"A Receipt, a Court Case and a Bureau Table: Rethinking Colonial Virginia Furniture”
by Robert Leath

"Baltimore Painted Furniture 1800-1840” by Ms. Gregory R. Weidman

"The Stones Speak: Discoveries about Sculptors and Monument Makers at
Spring Grove Cemetery” by Cecilia Scearce Chewning

"Mission Furniture: Taboo & Art” by Paul Royka

"The Art of Conservation” by Stephen Bonadies

"American Fancy: Exuberance in the Arts, 1790-1840” by Sumpter Priddy, III

"Images from the Past: English Earthenware Figures 1740-1880” by Patricia Anne Halfpenny

"Architecture in Lexington, Kentucky: A Tour of Three Historic Homes” by Patrick Snadon

"Shopping in China: Chinese Export Crafts and Decorative Arts” by William R. Sargent

"A Tour of Two Private Collections atop One of Cincinnati’s Seven Hills”

"The First Settlement in Ohio—A Confluence of Cultures: Furniture and Identity
in Washington County, Ohio, 1788-1825” by Andrew Richmond

"Adena: The Restoration of a Landmark” by Stuart D. Hobbs

"Americana Treasures in the Diplomatic Reception Rooms” by Gail F. Serfaty

"American Modern: Design 1935-1965” by David A. Hanks

"The New Face of the Taft Museum of Art” by Phillip C. Long, Director

"Oriental Rugs of Tribal Origin” by Sigmund Sugarman

"Nostrums for Fashionable Entertainments: Dinner Meeting Celebrating
the Art of Dining" by Feay Shellman Coleman

Visit to “Ohio is My Dwelling Place,” Sampler Exhibition by Sue Studebaker

"The Neatest Workman in Town: The Colonial Furniture of George Bright
of Boston and John Townsend of Newport” by Brock Jobe, Winterthur

"Pondering Balance: Philadelphia and the Age of Revolution”
by Jack L. Lindsay, American Decorative Arts Scholar

"Guided Tour on Cincinnati Art Carved Furniture of The Fry School.”
by W. Roger Fry

"Fifty Years of Collecting American Decorative Arts for Historic Deerfield”
by Donald R. Friary, Historic Deerfield

"At the Crossroads of Art and Science: New Techniques in American Furniture Appreciation”
by Dr. Philip Zimmerman, museum consultant and author

"Historic Houses of Worship in Cincinnati” by Walter E. Langsam, Cincinnati’s principal architectural historian

Opening of the New Cincinnati Wing

"John Seymour, Cabinetmaker: British Lion in America”
by Robert D. Mussey, Jr., Furniture Conservator

"Delicate Deception: Delftware at Historic Deerfield: 1650-1800”
by Amanda E. Lange, of Historic Deerfield

"Art and Architecture: Designing the Cincinnati Wing” by Timothy Rub,
Director of the Cincinnati Art Museum

"Order and Harmony: Neoclassic Style and the Westward Frontier”
by Sumpter T. Priddy III, Specialist in Southern Decorative Arts

"Off the Beaten Track: A Bus Tour of Residential Architecture, Interiors and
Collections in the Cincinnati Area” by Walter E. Langsam, Architectural Historian

"The Great River Revisited: Art and Society of the Connecticut River Valley”
by William Hosley, Director of the Antiquarian & Landmarks Society

"Elegance in Silver: Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Wares from the Folgers Collection”
by Christopher Hartop, decorative arts researcher and silver specialist

"The Peaceable Kingdom of Edward Hicks” by Carolyn J. Weekley, of Colonial Williamsburg

"From Porkopolis to ‘Paris of America’: The Rise of Cincinnati as a Cultural Center”
by Robert C. Vitz, Professor of History, Northern Kentucky University

"From Decorative Designer to Studio Maker: Women Furnituremakers of the
Twentieth Century” by Edward S. Cooke, Jr., Yale University

"Domestic Details: Life at Home in Early America” by Elisabeth Donaghy Garrett,
Vice-President of

"Worldly Goods: The Arts of Early Pennsylvania 1680-1758" by Jack L. Lindsey,
Curator of American Decorative Arts at the Philadelphia Museum

"Modernism, Elitism, and the Parisian Esprit: 1918-1939”
by Derek Ostergard of the Bard Graduate program

"New Discoveries in 17th-Century New England Furniture”
by Robert F. Trent Winterthur Museum Consultant

Bus Trip To ‘‘Adena’’ in Chillicothe

"Artistry that Transcends Function” by Anna Tobin D’Ambrosio
at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute Museum of Art

"Fine Americana and the New York Auction World” by Dean Failey of Christie’s

"Recent Research and Furniture Forays at Winterthur” by Wendy Cooper, Winterthur Museum

"Pottery Fit For a Queen” by Pat Halfpenny, the Winterthur Museum

"Pennsylvania German Painted Furniture of the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries” by Charles Hummel, Winterthur

"Connisseurship of Fine Points of Eighteenth Century American Furniture”
by Dr. Morrison H. Heckscher, Metropolitan Museum of Art

"Honore Lannuier, Parisian Cabinetmaker in Federal New York”
by Peter M. Kenny, Metropolitan Museum of Art

"Jewelry 1870 - 1970” by Kimberly Klosterman, Dealer and Connisseur

"What's American About American Silver, 1785-1835?” by Jennifer Goldsborough,
Maryland Historical Society Museum

"The Role of the artist Jean Schlumberger in the History of Social Statement Jewelry”
by Pierce MacGuire, Tiffany & Company

"Tokens of Democracy: The Portrait Miniature in America?”
by Dr. John Wilson, Cincinnati Art Museum

"New York Carved Furniture, 1750–1776” by Luke Beckerdite, Chipstone Foundation

"European and American Enamels and their Connoisseurship”
by Jennifer Howe, Cincinnati Art Museum

"18th Century Design: Concepts of Color and Pattern in Domestic Interior Decoration”
by Margaret Pritchard, Colonial Williamsburg

"All Shadows Long and Dark: the American Encounter with Gas Light, 1840”
by Kirk Swinehart

"Aesthetic Movement-Cincinnati Carved Furniture”
by Anita Ellis, Cincinnati Art Museum

"The Nanking Cargo” by John Austin, Colonial Williamsburg

"American Furniture” by Robert Sack, Israel Sack, Inc.

"Pennsylvania Tall Clocks” by Edward LaFond Jr., Noted Furniture Authority & Conservator

"Dressing the Bed, Quilts, Coverlets & Furnishing Fabrics” by Otto Charles Thieme,
Cincinnati Art Museum

"Old Wedgewood” by Frank Farmer Loomis, Cincinnati Antique Appraiser

"Chinese Export” by Compton Allyn, Ohio Collector

Visit to Pleasant Hill Shaker Community and a Private Collection in Kentucky